viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

Lady Haig review on Fernando Garcin

TIME AND DETAILS. Fernando Garcin

Where to begin? Well, maybe with the first time I went to FERNANDO GARCIN'S MYSPACE page.

As an American with a Latino Heart I sensed his unique and original talent, and somehow, I felt it's counterpart with Jack Kerouac but Fernando has elegance, sincerity and a smooth demeanor, connecting and attracting all ages; I find what captivates me, every time I listen to him read his poetry, whether in English or Spanish, is that deep resonant voice spinning out like spun silk, an innocence which is a hidden component tapping into my young girl's heart. Spain's treasure belongs to my American heart.

Fernando can make the sky any colour he wants to and I believe him and I am on the "A" train waving "Hello" and "Goodbye" at the same time in the silence of that pocket of my heart I reserve for FERNANDO GARCIN'S beautiful Poetry.

Lady Haig

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